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Pregnant and Postpartum Services

ARC treatment programs for pregnant and postpartum women are designed to meet the specialized needs of women seeking treatment for substance use disorders while pregnant or caring for an infant. ARC programs break down barriers to women accessing treatment while pregnant or caring for an infant. ARC's day treatment program provides pre-natal care coordination, on-site licensed childcare, health and parenting education, and assistance with transportation. ARC's residential program for pregnant and postpartum women offers a safe and nurturing environment where infants may live with their mother. The residential program offers on-site treatment for substance use disorders, support for a healthy pregnancy and birth, and focuses on infant care skills and development of the mother-child bond.

"I have gotten help with my children and my parenting. I’m working on becoming the best parent I can be."

—Former Client

arc healthy beginnings

Healthy Beginnings

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arc maternal and infant program

ARC Maternal and Infant Program

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