• (608) 278-2300

PREA Publication required under 28 C.F.R. Part 115

Policy to ensure referrals of allegations for investigation (Section 115.222)

ARC policy is to report allegations of sexual abuse to the appropriate local law enforcement agency, noted below, for criminal investigation:

  • Madison - Madison Police Department
  • Fond du Lac: Fond du Lac Police Department
  • Milwaukee - Milwaukee Policy Department

ARC accepts third party reports of sexual abuse or sexual harassment at all residential facilities, and the ARC PREA Coordinator accepts third party reports of sexual abuse or sexual harassment at (608) 278-2300, or 2001 W. Beltline Hwy., #102, Madison WI 53713.

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Annual Report (Section 115.288)

ARC issued an annual report for 2022 on January 25, 2023. 

Across the five ARC residential programs in 2022, ARC received one allegation of sexual abuse (a non-consensual slap on the butt) by a resident which was substantiated, and two allegations of sexual abuse that were unsubstantiated. One of the unsubstantiated incident involved a resident who reported sexual abuse by a jail employee to her physician. The allegations were forwarded to the jail administrator. In the second unsubstantiated incident, an anonymous source reported knowledge of a sexual relationship between a past resident and a previously employed individual. Both of these allegations were unsubstantiated. The case numbers in 2022, represent a decrease from last year. In all cases, staff promptly attended to victim safety, investigated, and issued consequences/educational materials to the client who committed the PREA violation.

ARC reviewed staffing patterns and determined that the staffing was not a factor in the inappropriate behavior by clients. ARC's staffing remains sufficient to enable frequent staff oversight of clients.

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A copy of the most recent facility PREA audit report is available in the office.