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ARC's Mission Statement

ARC was created to provide a multidisciplinary model for the delivery of women responsive, family focused, multicultural, substance abuse services tailored to substance abusing women and in selected programs with a specific focus on pregnant and postpartum women and their infants. Based on best practices and current research, services are delivered through residential and community-based, licensed AODA day treatment programs some programs with licensed onsite childcare center or the ability for women to live with their children during the course of their treatment. ARC is also dedicated to the provision of treatment, support and services for women in lieu of incarceration and is addressed through the TAP/DTC Program.

These projects work to incorporate “Core Values” and is designed to address the substance abuse treatment needs of women and pregnant/postpartum women within the context of the family, especially mother/child bond, for improved abstinence; coordinate increased access to prenatal and well child as well as health education for the mothers with the intention of decreasing birth complications and increasing healthy births; enhance the mother's attachment to her infant and provide parenting support to assist in stopping the cycle of child abuse and neglect and to provide for increased family intactness and healthy family functioning; provide case management services and address the co-factors of substance abuse including sexual abuse to assist with development of a safe, stable and economically viable lifestyle for mother and infant.

ARC's Vision

To build on ARC’s existing strengths as Women Specific Alcohol and Drug Treatment Agencies to develop and implement effective strategies and approaches to substance abuse and criminality and promote the following:

  • Build on ARC’s current philosophy and provide treatment that feels safe, non threatening, builds on the therapeutic alliance and reduces fear, is strengths-based and designed to meet the multiple needs of women and their families.
  • To utilize a wraparound approach of care across agencies to improve system collaboration and outcomes.
  • To provide treatment, supports and services that promote accountability, responsibility and empower the women to take positive control over their own lives and decisions.
  • To implement motivational interviewing as a standard component of treatment.
  • To improve earlier referrals into treatment for pregnant women and improve retention.
  • Uniform assessment across agencies of alcohol usage, specifically of pregnant women and during previous pregnancies.
  • Build in supports and services that deal with the environmental pressures women face in returning to their homes after treatment and to design and encourage on-going support and after-care to assure for continuity of care.
  • To assure for the appropriate level of care and design a system that is flexible to accommodate this process and is seam-less.
  • Alcohol usage during pregnancy carefully monitored and documented.
  • Implementation of data collection focused on FASD prevention and intervention and related to treatment outcomes.
  • Increase the perception of ARC staff and collaborative community partners that the prevention and intervention of FASD is a priority and a primary focus for treatment. Increase staff understanding of FASD through education and training.
  • To educate ARC staff and community providers on FASD and prevention and intervention strategies. In inform professionals and families of available resources, supports and services for families affected by FASD.

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